Drones are able to capture breathtaking high resolution still and moving pictures.


It is not WHAT you film as  HOW you film. We are cinematographers, thus we  strive to provide the best and most cinematographic shots, with the highest quality, respecting and following your production requirements. 

In addition, we offer 360º invisible  aerial shots, providing an immersive experience.


Most of our work has been in public outreach content, mainly in scientific and natural protected areas, where we are specialists.

We look forward to work with you. Let us know your project.

Inspire 2

UHD 4k @ 60fps, 5.2k @ 30fps

12 bit RAW with 12.8 stops

Interchangable lens with ND/PL filters

Speed up to 94 km/h

Dual remote and HDMI output

UHD 4K @ 30 fps

HLG 10bits, DLog-M 10 bits and 14 stops.  H265

Fixed lens 28 mm @ f2.8 with ND/PL filters

Hasselblad color science

Speed up to 72 km/h

Optional invisible 360º recording equipment

UHD DCI 4k 60fps

12 stops. H265/H264

Fixed lens 24 mm @ f2.8 with ND/PL filters

Speed up to 72km/h

HDMI output

For indoors or urban areas

Up to 2.7K @ 30fps.  H264

Fixed lens 28mm @ f2.8 with ND/PL filters


and let's talk about your project....
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