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Audiovisual services

Discover the world from new heights with our aerial audiovisual services. Focused on television, cinema, corporate videos and social media content, we use the latest technology in aerial filming to provide unique and impactful perspectives.

Reasons to choose us

Exceptional visual quality: we capture moments with drones equipped with the best cameras on the market.

Limitless creativity: we transform ideas into stunning visuals, from cinematic productions to corporate videos.

Aerial expertise: we offer a unique perspective to highlight your project and leave a lasting impression.


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At Drone Spain Films, we merge cutting-edge drone technology with visual creativity to deliver stunning imagery and unparalleled aerial perspectives.


We tailor our vision to your needs, providing personalized solutions to showcase your project.

Here is a glimpse of our work.

1. We listen to your needs.

2. We provide a proposal.

3. We handle the drone flight permit requests to carry out the work.

4. We perform the tasks according to your requirements.

5. We deliver the materials (both raw and edited, if necessary).

How do we work?

Images of our work.


Embark on a unique cinematic experience with our drone videography services. At Drone Spain Films, we transform reality into captivating visual narratives.


Our drones capture dynamic and thrilling moments, providing an aerial perspective that adds impact and depth to your audiovisual content. From corporate videos to promotional material, we elevate your vision to new heights with our innovative and creative videography.


Discover how we can take your visual narrative to the next level, from the sky to the screen.

Take a look at our work here.

Cinema and television

At Drone Spain Films, we blend the magic of the seventh art with drone technology to bring you unique cinematic and television productions. From breathtaking aerial shots to dynamic sequences, our passion is to breathe life into your ideas with a visual approach that goes beyond conventional limits.

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You can find our work on television programs such as 80cm, El Escarabajo Verde, ¡Qué Animal! or La Aventura del Saber.

We are open to any collaboration or co-production, both from Drone Spain Films and our production company, Boreal Movies.

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