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Infraestructure services

At Drone Spain Films, we offer specialized solutions for construction site monitoring and safety inspections that take efficiency to new levels. Our drones, equipped with advanced technology, allow detailed and real-time monitoring, providing crucial information for project management and on-site safety. From planning to execution, our drone technology ensures a comprehensive and accurate perspective, enhancing decision-making and structural integrity. 

Discover how we can strengthen project oversight and ensure the security of your facilities with our specialized drone services for infrastructure.

Construction site monitoring

seguimiento de obras drone dron madrid teatro principe pio

Our drones provide real-time aerial insight, allowing you to closely monitor progress, identify critical areas, and optimize operational efficiency.


From excavation to final delivery, our construction site tracking technology redefines project management, giving you a competitive edge and ensuring the success of your construction initiatives.

  • Timelapse

  • Short construction summary video

  • Promotional video showcasing completed projects

If you want to learn more about the advantages of using drones in construction site monitoring, you can read this blog post.

Some examples of our services in this area include:

Image of the work we did for Teatro CaixaBank Principe Pio.

Safety inspections

Our drones conduct detailed inspections, providing a comprehensive aerial view of each component.


From detecting potential issues to assessing structural safety, our drone-based construction inspection technology ensures informed decision-making and reduces risks.


Discover how we can elevate the quality and safety of your projects through inspections from new heights.


inspeccion de obra dron drone spain films

Image of the work we did for Teatro CaixaBank Principe Pio.

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